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1.2 The interview agreeing


Anton driver to call the pits.


VOICE PHONE: Espoo Bus oy, Ulla pond on the phone the day!


ANTON: Hello! Here you call the bus driver Anton Kotov ... could you combine traffic manager Stenroos?


PHONE VOICE: Just a moment, please, combine!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Head of Transport Thom, Stenroos phone!

ANTON: Welcome, Thomas! Here plays the bus driver Anton Kotov, you were put to me an e-mail that I could play! I'm looking for a job! Is now the right time to talk about?

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Yes, it is the right time, on Monday morning, the hassle is over, just the right time is ... yeah ... we got your application and it seemed interesting .... Now, I do not immediately find your application, but Do I remember correctly, that you had experience?

ANTON: Yeah, I have seven years experience in urban transport bus driver and I drove it in addition to charter buses for many years. In Finland, I have not yet been at work!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: You have quite a lot of experience then. I guess we should ask to interview you, if we so much experience and is quite well it seems you got a smooth tongue Finnish!

ANTON: I have studied Finnish TOIKO full-time project. I, too, the Finnish language is going very well already. I understand everything!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: a good thing, because we want drivers to Finnish language! How is whether or not you you interview us tomorrow at 14.00? Do you know where our depot is?

ANTON: Yes, I get! Thank you very much! I know that you are in Espoo, Finland, 6 master street address. I will come tomorrow at two!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Good thing, see you then. Welcome! Hello, please according to the certificates, if you have!

ANTON: Yeah, I'll take! See ya!

1.3 Interview

Anton ajomestarille registered at 13.55

ANTON: Hello! I had a busy time traffic manager Stenroos?

AJOMESTARI: Hello! Please wait a moment, Stenroos will just point.

ANTON: Thank you!

TRAFFIC MANAGER comes from our own out of the room: Hey, you're obviously Anton Kotov? Thom, Stenroos, traffic manager!

ANTON: Nice to meet you! Anton Kotov, thank you, when I got an interview!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: No problem, let's go inside!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Please sit down!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: How familiar Anton sulle our company is that?

ANTON: I've found online, I've seen you in driving buses and I have been a few times a ride. I know that thinking as well as the Espoo internal lines and the border lines, but I do not know much else.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Jooo, indeed, driven primarily Espoo internal lines and, in addition to regional policies. Beginning of the year we will start 50 new border line and there are now sought in respect of drivers. We have 2 depots, one here in the Master Street and one in Helsinki Malmi. We have a total of 600 drivers in two different depot and about 300 buses. New employees are needed to Malmi.

ANTON: Yes, I can do very well work in Espoo and Helsinki. What brands of buses mainly thinking?

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Yes, we are now part of the largest Mercedes buses.

ANTON: Mercedes brand of the bus I'm driving, it is a familiar brand to me!

Anton ajomestarille provide copies of certificates.

ANTON: Here is my CV, course certificate, driving license and workbook version.

The master looked at driving traffic, course workbook and certificate of translation. Head of Transport to give the license back.

LIIKENNEPÄÄLIKKÖ: Oh, let's start here ... work experience. you have apparently already a lot of work experience in the driver's ....

ANTON: Yeah, I've been a bus driver to Petrozavodsk in seven years and then I have done charter buses.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Tell a little about urban public transport driver's work in Petrozavodsk ... Is it the same as in Finland?

ANTON: Petrozavodsk, I do not sell tickets. Here in Finland, the driver sells tickets and serves customers in a lot more.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Yes, it is in Finland, that the driver is doing here a great deal of customer service work, to advise and assist passengers, sells tickets .... What kind of bus you ajelit there in Petrozavodsk?

ANTON: I will begin to time-Hungarian Ikarus buses, but later on Mercedes buses, there were 42 seats.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Automaattilaatikolla or puoliautomaattilaatikolla?

ANTON: Mercedes had already automaattilaatikolla.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: It is yes I believe that you know how to drive when it already has some experience. Generally, driving is easy as long as you remember to follow traffic rules and remember to drive carefully and proactively. Kaahailijoiden have a problem ... Do you have have been collisions?

ANTON: No, I have not had crashes. And I've noticed that in Finland the traffic rules are respected far more than Russia! Oh yeah, I have included a recommendation letter from the Petrozavodsk city traffic.

Transport Manager reads the characterization.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Careful, responsible, accurate, no crashes .... A friendly and social ... yeah, yes these are all characteristics that what we expect from our drivers. Where have you learned to speak Finnish? Do I understand correctly, that in Finland you have not yet been at work?

ANTON: I have not yet been in Finland at work, it is the first job. But I studied Finnish TOIKO project through Tapiola, it was the Finnish language course for drivers!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: How long do you say that you have studied Finnish?

ANTON: Two months here in Finland and in the meantime at home independently.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Sulla seems to be a good know languages, very quickly you have learned so well to speak and understand!

ANTON: Yeah, I'll try, because I want to!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: No blank refusal, Anton, yes I think you could be a suitable person to work for us! But the only one that I do not really know how to visa issues should be handled. These we have in the house managed Sami Pohjonen, but Sami is still on vacation today. Sami returns on Monday, okay, if continued on Monday, but I am concerned, you are welcome to work for us!

ANTON: Oh, thank you very much! Could I have a Sam's number, I could immediately call him on Monday and, if necessary TOIKO project Wilma to help me visa formalities when they are strangers to me.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Please, this is my business card and telephone number here, Sam. Call him on Monday and tell them that you've been in an interview and you have been accepted to work. I also put him on the e-mail, so he is aware ago Monday.

ANTON: I will I will come back on Monday, but can you say when work will start?

TRAFFIC MANAGER: I hope that you could be right at the beginning of january work here. And I hope that you continue to study the Finnish language, because language is a very important!

ANTON: Yes, I will come to Finland in courses as soon as I received the visa and studying for several weeks yet before the work begins. Teachers have a lot of good material. And I'm interested to continue my studies, even when I'm at work!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: It is a good thing! Oh, and a contract is written, then immediately at the beginning of january. You already have experience as a driver, so you hired is slightly better than the base salary, it is 13 euros and ten cents an hour. And then, of course, evening and weekend supplements, here is your table, which shows you how to experience the additional influence and then, how much is paid supplements. For example, Sunday for the days you get 100% more, 20 percent Saturday and ...

ANTON: This is my first hard to understand, Can you say how much I get paid about a month, on average.

TRAFFIC MANAGER: It does of course depend on your tax rate but I think that salary is around 1700-1900 EUR hand. If you have a lot of sacred supplements, the salary can be up to 2300-2500 per hand. But initially the source of quite informal series, it is the turn around 1700 euros. In addition, we have a sport shift once a week, play soccer or floorball. Our drivers can espoolaisiin swimming baths free of charge, we have an occupational physician ... Do you have any questions?

ANTON: It sounds really good, I'm really glad that I get to you! Now is not the questions, then surely .... Thank you so much and see you soon!

TRAFFIC MANAGER: Good thanks and yourself! Return to the point!


ANTON go: July to July!

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